Notice of Meeting

Date:  Thursday, October 20th, 2016
Time:  7:30 pm
Place:  The Diamond Lounge at SFU Downtown
Speaker: Melodie Flook
Topic: Storiquilture

Storiquilture is a community-engaged art project that is currently running at the Newcomers’ Centre for Children and Families in Burnaby.

New Canadians, refugees from countries such as Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Syria, are working together to learn new skills associated with making a quilt. As they learn and create their “blocks,” they are sharing skills and stories from their lives, and we hope to capture these stories in fabric on the quilt so that other Canadians can appreciate the experiences and continue to show tolerance and compassion for, and acceptance of these new Canadians. She will describe the project, the lead team, the participants, project goals and timeline, and the outcomes achieved (and stories which have surfaced) so far.

Melodie Flook is a fibre artist who delights in creating functional art through community engagement. She was therefore most amenable to Paul Boissonnault’s suggestion that she lead a community quilt project with MOSAIC, a non-profit organization which helps immigrants and refugees settle and integrate into Canadian society.

The project “Storiquilture” was born out of their discussion, and engages newcomers to Canada in depicting, in textile form, stories from their lives. The project name is derived from the 4 elements that comprise the undertaking: participants are telling their stories in a quilt which is folded like origami and displayed as a sculpture.

Melodie has a wide range of interests, as portrayed by her credentials and experience: she holds 2 undergraduate degrees, one an Honours BA in English and French from the University of Waterloo, the other a Bachelor of Physical Education from UBC. She also has 2 diplomas (Crafts and Design, and ESL), a teaching certificate, and has thus far completed 2 semesters towards her Master of Applied Arts with Emily Carr University.

She is currently on a one-year exploratory study leave which has allowed her to lead this and another community-engaged project. She is submitting “Storiquilture” for approval as her interim thesis project, to be presented in July 2017.

Next Meetings:
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